Agaete, the fishing village

    Mirador de La Cruz

    As we go up the stairs on the left, we can enjoy the magnificent views of Agaete all the way to Puerto de las Nieves.

    Constitution Square

    Centre of the social and religious meetings of Agaete, here we will discover the history of the town and the church.

    Tomás Morales Square

    The crossroads of León y Castillo and Concepción Streets result in this small open corner where you can perceive the charm of Agaete and which receives the name of Plaza Tomás Morales in honour of the modernist poet from the Canary Islands.

    Hermitage of San Sebastián

    In front of us we have the small but charming Hermitage of San Sebastián, an ideal place to take a break and maybe even take a photo with this building in the background. We assure you that not many people outside Agaete know about this place.

    Flower Orchard

    The Orchard of Flowers was born out of the passion for travel and botany of its owners, the de Armas family. Walking through it you can feel the tranquillity of the place and imagine Tomas Morales walking through it.

    Former sugar mill in Agaete

    Agaete was well known worldwide during the 16th century for its important sugar mill. Discover its history and what happened to it below.

    Port of Las Nieves.

    A kilometre and a half away from the historic centre of Agaete we find Puerto de Las Nieves. Strolling through the streets of this picturesque fishing quarter you can feel its atmosphere and typical Canarian character. Here you can enjoy the rich fishing gastronomy of the area in some of its many restaurants.

    Hermitage of Las Nieves

    In front of us is the Ermita de Las Nieves, the place where the rameros (those who celebrate de “Rama de Agaete”) come on the 4th of August with their branches on pilgrimage to the Virgen de la Nieves, but we will talk about this event a little later on.