Arucas, more than a church

    San Juan Square and Church

    The Plaza de San Juan is one of the foundational points of Arucas, as well as the site of one of the most spectacular churches in Gran Canaria. Discover its history in the following elements.

    House of Culture and Plazoleta de Dr. Joaquín Blanco

    On an discreet corner between Calle León y Castillo and Calle Gourié is the Casa de la Cultura and the small square Dr. Joaquín Blanco.

    Constitution Square

    By listening to the story of the following elements you can discover the curious history of Arucas during the Civil War.

    Municipal Museum and Garden

    Now we head to the old domains of the Mayorazgo de Arucas where the house and its old gardens stand out. Find out more in the following elements.

    Heredad of Firgas water and Arucas

    La Heredad del Agua is one of the most impressive buildings in Arucas. Discover its history below