San Juan Square

    This square is considered to be the main founding nucleus of the city of Telde and the centre of the city. Here we find the main religious and political buildings of the city.

    Church of San Juan

    The Church of San Juan is the main religious building in the city of Telde and one of the oldest churches in Gran Canaria. Discover its history and the different works of art that can be found in it.

    Ruiz de Vergara House

    The Casa Ruiz de Vergara was once the home of a noble family linked to this municipality and of great importance in the history of the Canary Islands, both before and after the conquest.

    Church of St. Peter Martyr in Verona

    This church, which currently houses the history museum of the municipality of Telde, is what has survived to the present day from the old hospital located in Telde and the only one outside of Las Palmas.

    Ines Chemida Street

    One of the most charming streets in the city and, why not say it, in Gran Canaria. It is named after a woman who represents the reality of life on the island after the conquest.

    San Francisco neighbourhood

    Now we enter one of the oldest and most charming neighbourhoods of the Canary Islands thanks to its colonial architecture that takes us back in time.

    Árbol Bonito

    Telde is a city of witches and mystery. Several paranormal or strange events related to spiritualism have taken place in this city. Get to know one of them in this place right next to the Árbol Bonito.

    Leon y Castillo House Museum

    León y Castillo was one of the most important and influential politicians in 19th century Spain, enabling the construction of one of the most important infrastructures on the island, even today. Find out more in the elements.