Teror, a place to feel

On this route through the historic centre of Teror we will learn about the curious history of the Virgen del Pino and the famous Cuban musician who dedicated a song to her, as well as visiting the most iconic places in the city.



4.99 €

Approximate duration

30 min






Do I have to start from a specific place?

You can start from the place where you are (your house, hotel, apartment, a restaurant, etc.), you just have to click on the button "how to arrive" of the point New Wall Square to receive the instructions on how to get there from your point of origin.

Once you get to it, activate your location to continue the route on the map.

Do I need to know anything else?

Yes, we explain it to you:

1. Don't forget your headphones, you'll hear the audio guides better.

2. In this tour the entrance fees to the different museums we recommend in your visit are not included.

3. You can access your route as many times as you want.

4. No booking or cancellation problems.