The first Atlantic city.

    Plaza del Pilar Nuevo and its surroundings

    The Plaza del Pilar Nuevo is one of the nerve centres of the neighbourhood, with important historic buildings in the surrounding area. Find out more by listening to the audios.

    Plaza and Hermitage of San Antonio Abad

    Welcome to this route where we will get to know the foundational centre of Las Palmas, starting with this Ermita and Plaza. Find out more by listening to the audios of the following elements.

    Balcones Street and CAAM

    Strolling along this street and observing its houses we can see some examples of Canarian colonial architecture. In addition, here we find the CAAM, one of the main art institutions in the Canary Islands. Find out more by listening to the audios.

    Museum Casa de Colón

    The Casa de Colón is one of the city's main museums. Find out why this building and museum is named this way, as well as the relations between the Canary Islands and America.

    Former Hospital of St. Martin

    The former Hospital of St. Martin was one of the first institutions created in the city after the conquest. Find out more about its history.

    Plaza de Santa Ana and its surroundings

    Now we move on to the most emblematic spot in Vegueta, the Plaza de Santa Ana. Here we can find important buildings such as the Casas Consistoriales and the Cathedral.

    Diocesan Museum and Interior of the Cathedral

    The Museum of Sacred Art is located in the old cloister of the cathedral and in it we can find the Patio de los Naranjos, as well as numerous works of art. The interior of the cathedral can also be accessed from here.